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Super Stupid Comic Covers
Friday, January 19, 2007
How exactly would she know he had X-Ray vision?

And I thought Lois's plots were stupid.

Ow. My brain.

With a skirt that short, she can feel free to move in with me.

I dare you to make less sense.

Superman: Can leap tall buildings in a single bound.Can't stop grotesque fat man on pogo stick.

Um... maybe it's super-powered PMS or something?

Waitaminute... If Jimmy's married to Lucy... and Lois is married to Clark... and Lucy is Lois's sister... that makes junior and Lola... EW!

Just stop and think for a moment about how odd it would be if the world's most powerful superbeing just stopped into a malt shop in full costume to share a milkshake with a girl.

Apparently Superboy's ass has heat ray vision...

Well at least his ass isn't firing heat ray vision this time around...

Two weeks later...

To be fair though, it was his own damn fault.

Lois sure has... interesting tastes...

If you give a lecture about the Batcave to an auditorium full of people, I think you forfeit your right to call them "secrets"

It's like she'll bone anyone wearing a cape...

THIS is the story of the year? Oh, I hope it was a slow year...

I have a hard time believing he's sincerely sorry when he's busy shoveling cash into his pockets there...

What's wrong with this cover? Or what isn't wrong?

Would it really be that difficult to just use your powers and take the antitdote from her?

Yes, she's marrying Batman for himself. I'm sureit has nothing to do with the fact he's filthy stinking rich.

Is there really a point to disguising the identity of an ape?

Now here's a story that just had to be told...

Aunt May, Herald of Galactus.


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